Our Quality Guidelines

Quality policy and processes

As Alperler Çorap, our goal is to produce and deliver products of the fastest and highest quality with the best sustainable quality understanding to our customers.

In accordance with the requirements of our Customer Satisfaction and Quality Policy, our staff training is being continued in line with the investments we have made in our machinery.

Sustainable quality

» Employee training is continued according to the latest state of the technology. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service through our training and employee experience.
» To create and maintain a work environment where our employees in every unit and position are satisfied with their contribution to production and quality, in order to increase customer satisfaction.
» Our goal is to provide our employees with happy working conditions that reflect their rights and social life.

Alperler Çorap offers its customers the fastest, highest quality and most professional service by using its capabilities and technologies and increasing its goals through the efforts of sock knitting machines with advanced technology and its employees in its company located in the Beylikdüzü district.

Together with all our employees in the field of environmental health and protection, we want to raise awareness of ourselves and our society by maintaining our sensitivity to environmental policy.